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Based in Oxford, offering Commercial Film & Video Production for use Online & TV

Frederick Jewson, Film and Video Production company in Oxford, Oxfordshire and the Cotswolds, Vicky Jewson Fims, Close, Netflix
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Frederick Jewson Video and Film production company in Oxford, Oxfordshire and the Cotswolds, for use online and TV Advertising Close Vicky Jewson Netfix

Based in Oxford, Frederick Jewson offers commercial video production for use on all video platforms. Video services consist of pre-production, video production and full video post-production. FJ is a trusted, Oxford based, video production house that can fulfil your video needs.

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The Oxford based FJ video production house provides video productions for all types of corporate video, commercial video & film based productions for use online or on TV with Sky AdSmart.

At our video production house we strive to engage audiences emotionally with video production, starting at video pre-production, ensuring the story (on paper) suits the video intended for your target demographic.

Following the above, these video productions can be tailored specifically for social media - with shorter video edits that can be targeted to your exact marketing requirements.

Overall, we aim to bring a new level of efficiency, quality and meaning to video production...


Remember, video is a source of entertainment and is typically published on entertainment platforms like YouTube or TV - So let's entertain our audiences with the love of our craft and your brand!

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Frederick Jewson, Film and Video Production company in Oxford, Oxfordshire and the Cotswolds, Vicky Jewson Fims, Close, Netflix
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It has always been my passion to tell stories through the art of cinema. Before starting the FJ brand I had intended to produce films. However, I noticed something... A growing trend, one I could introduce to the Oxford(shire) business community.

Cinematic stories within video production! Emotive storytelling had started to overpower traditional corporate video, therefore I decided to combine my strengths of film and business and head down this video production path.

Alongside my team, I run another production house, aptly named Oxford House, for our flagship campaigns, whilst keeping the FJ video production house for the smaller scale productions within Oxford. Therefore catering for all budgets. It's my goal to bring quality video to any business that needs it.


As Oxford House and FJ, I wish to continue to introduce "Emotive Narratives" into Oxford, creating a product that makes the audience engage with your video production... They may even stay to watch the video even if they don't care for the product, because of the artistry within the video!

It's about time we focus on what makes a brand stand out within video production, we should all dare to be a little different...

Oxford, Oxfordshire and the Cotswolds Film and Video Production in Oxfordshire by Frederick Jewson

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Specialising in an organic video aesthetic for film & commercial productions, Oxford's FJ offers DOP roles as well as full video production services

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