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Director : Frederick Jewson

Company: Oxford House Motion Pictures

Oxford House Video Agency & Motion Pictures

Starting out in late 2016, my aim was to build an Oxford-based production company that would one day produce not only TV adverts, but cinematic film. Over the past two years, I'm extremely proud to say that these goals are being met. In 2021, we grew from a sole trader to an established team, enabling us produce our first TV advert.

Our fantastic and growing range of clients created a super exciting year for us in 2022. Oxford House continues to expand as we've taken on, not only a record number of productions, including two more fully scripted and produced TV commercials, but also our largest productions to date - one of which had us hanging out a plane at over one thousand feet!

Now it's time to bring film to the table... Frederick Jewson's first film aims to introduce a whole new cinematic universe, tackling severe social issues through traditional, mythical, storytelling.

To Where We Are Lead tries to raise awareness about the dangers of online echo chambers, via a cryptic story swollen with existential dread. Somewhat influenced by Lovecraftian Horror...


Visit  for examples of our commercial work.

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