types of video production

The Commercial.

Example | Bamford Wellness Spa

This style of video production is where our creative passions lie, short form promotional content used to push your brand image to the next level. Ideal for social media & TV campaigns as well as taking pride of place on your website.

The Case study.

Example | Pret a Manger

This style of production is used when a little more information is needed. Perfect for use on social media or specific web pages/campaigns where people are interested in the topic at hand.

The Talking head.

Example | Daylesford Organic

This video production, similar to the case study video, is ideal for getting a specific piece of information across to audiences. Whether it be for the general public, internal coms, or something else.

The zoom video.

Example | The Cocktail Service

This video production is a little different, and a little new... Many services are now done via zoom and it can be hard to showcase these professionally. We have  many creative ways of utilising the webcam look, we're particularly proud of our "point of view" video here.

The Quirky one.

Example | Milton Park Amenity Survey

Nothing gets across your personality and brand image more than simply being yourself. Embrace your brand ethos and feel free to get modern and quirky. These videos are typically less cinematic but equally engaging through other means.

The fashion video.

Example | Oxford Made to Measure

This style of video production does what is says on the tin. It's the fashion video, whether it be showing off a certain product line like in this example or whether it's something a little artier and more urban in style. 

The Product showcase.

Example | Zingi Bear

A short video showcase of any form of product! Here we show off Zingi Bear in a natural environment. Switch things up with a studio shoot or something that suits your desired aesthetic.