This is an example of one of our recent video productions for OxLEP, the Oxford Local Enterprise Partnership. 

Our first production involved filming the Oxfordshire Creative Industry Showcase, a typical "event" as it were, but an event that needed a high energy promotional style recap video. Something to captivate the creative industry within Oxford. Alternatively, our second production was for the Oxfordshire Local Industrial Strategy where the product was the same but with a more sophisticated, business orientated approach. Both videos providing the same service yet fulfilling differing briefs.

Being an Oxford boy, running an Oxford based production company, these briefs felt perfect. Small productions, but creative ones that involve quick thinking on the fly, something a little different to the thoroughly scripted and storyboarded commercials we offer... Although that is not entirely true..!

Event videos tend to lack drive and imagination because people feel the need to over record and capture everything. This is where storyboarding really helps. Writing down a shot list, to create a rough narrative, means you search specifically for those scenes on the day. When you got them, you got them! No need to over shoot or stress. Just like our commercials, everything has been planned before hand, albeit a little more off the cuff due to the event situation.


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