You must connect with the audience

Buying a home is one of the most emotionally driven purchases you can make. No matter what stage of life you're in, a home needs to be where you feel you belong.


We need to take this commitment into account, especially when selling a new development where a community has yet to be fully established. How do we sell the fact that the house you've built could be someone's home?

A house cannot be called a home


without an association of emotion.

Promotional video

A promotional video is between 30 - 60 seconds long and is designed to be shown off to a wider audience that are not aware of your product.

The aim here is to tease the viewer into wanting to learn more about the product as well as build brand awareness, which in turn helps  the "share-ability" of the video.

The promotional video needs to tease. The feeling of your product needs to be captured. Many marketers feel they need to show the product in order to sell it, this is not the case when it comes to a promotional video. You want to leave the audience slightly in the dark, urging them to want to find out more.

This is where a promotional video works well with other forms of media. After the viewer clicks through to the site they are greeted with photos, written information and maybe some more informative corporate videos to carry the consumer further along the buying process.

It's about building brand awareness and getting peoples foot in your door.

Corporate video

Traditional corporate videos, 60 seconds up to a couple of minutes, are great when aimed at someone who is already invested in the product and wants to learn more about it. They'll be more inclined to give you their precious time.


This is why corporate videos are not so good when trying to promote a product to new consumers. A new consumer thinks that they're boring, repetitive and they've seen it all before. This is why we need to hit them with a teaser first, as the teaser gets the attention of those you're targeting and encourages people to invest their time in a corporate video.


Combining shots form the promo with the corporate video is a great way to extend that emotional connection with the viewer.

Typically we'd host a talking head video on the website to help push the consumer further along the buying process. However, you may wish to create a talking head aimed at investors, platforms liked LinkedIn then become a strong place to distribute on.

Overall, if you're looking to spread the word and gain peoples interest, a teaser is for you. If you're wanting to tell those on your website further information in a more engaging manor, a corporate video would be advisable.


Below are some examples. They consist of a main promotional video, for each development, as well as broken down versions of each promo which can be targeted to specific market segments.

These can be used on websites or delivered to a format that suits any social media platform

Rose Tinted glasses

By telling a story with beautiful imagery you are enabling the viewer to connect with the product on a deeper level. You're teasing the audience with the product and the lifestyle, enticing them to want to click through and learn more.


A teaser is the perfect way to bring people to your website. When they're on your site you can hit them with further written information, photos and then informative corporate videos!


As mentioned above, social channels are great for launching a promotional video. Whereas, your website and LinkedIn are better for a corporate video.

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