The surreal turned to real.

This is where the video is created. Before shooting begins we outline everything, therefore when the day comes we efficiently capture what was envisaged

Pre - Production is a multistage process which entails in depth work and collaboration from multiple members of the production team

It is imperative Pre - Production is taken with the upmost care to ensure commercial viability as well as the highest quality throughout the production

Example/ Script

The opening scene of an automotive concept. The aim here is to build tension for the following scene. This scene would elapse for approximately 5-10 seconds dependant on the commercial needs of the production.

You have less than 5 seconds to captivate audiences on social medai!


Alone in an empty courtyard, a deep blue fills the sky in its early hours. Across the courtyard stands a stable, garage doors with little life behind. A gentle mist lingers over the threshold.


Slowly a yellow shimmer appears under the cracks of the doors. Moving closer to the door subtle sounds clunking can be heard, but what? Suspense builds as the unknown actions behind the doors continue to unfold.

Suddenly the yellow shimmer is overwhelmed by a deep red glow, bursting through the crack under the doors, a piercing blue light takes over, shining through the cracks of the garage doors and windows.

Still silence...

We move closer, an almighty roar is let out[first 30 sec of Verdi's "Dies Irae" starts to play], the door kicks forward, almost swinging open by the almighty yell, the latch struggles to keep the unknown at bay.

An unearthly growl grows, every roar is louder than the last, crackles and pops echo through the courtyard. Mist pours out of the cracks of the doors as the kick back and fourth. A monster lurks within, it wants to be free.

SHOT 1A | 25mm wide establisher

SHOT 1B | 50mm slow track in

Story/ Board

A couple of shot concepts that reference the script above. This would continue for the entire script to ensure the video is fully envisaged before production starts.