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A film by frederick jewson

What do I want?

I want to create a short film that captivates the mind of the public and encourages people to think a little deeper…

Social media has widened our connection to the world but narrowed our minds. We share views relevant to us and ignore those that oppose us. The idea of debate does not seem to exist online. 


It's my goal to produce a film that encourages people to want to think, want to talk and want to debate. A film that encourages people to, simply, think a little deeper...

invest in fj

I'm proud to say, the FJ brand has proven itself commercially, with repeat business from Oxford indies to widely acclaimed brands such as Blenheim Palace, Daylesford Organic, OxLEP and others. Most recently I have achieved a key commercial goal by having my first TV advert aired!

What does it mean to invest in a short film?

To be blunt. There is no monetary return. Which is odd for an "investment"...

Simply put, you're investing in me and my team and for your own sponsorship purposes.


A short film is about getting noticed, taking the first step. Opening the way for better investment opportunities in the future... Feature film/TV series/etc.

I'm looking for investors and sponsorship to help fund the production as well as my commercial goals for the film.

Your money will go towards funding the cast & crew, props & set and to hire specific lighting equipment.


The money will also be used to fund what happens after production...


...Such as entry to festivals, marketing campaigns and maybe a few screenings.

What's the film about?

Our character faces a dilemma, he is tired of the superficiality of modern day society and is personally riddled with moments that almost pause time, detaching him from the emotion of his current reality.

The backstory of our character is that of vigorous mystery, he is a very precise, yet free thinking character, his eye for detail and fact is exact, whilst his mind stays open to all possibilities.

During his past he had constantly stumbled on many moments in his life that prevailed to something of deep reason, reason that simultaneously reflected his detachments of humanity. A cosmic query of sorts. A query that had no grounds for research as it was only a feeling.

At some point between past and present our character stumbled on to a mythology, one that he found relation in. Over time, many reasons came to be and the clues that the mythology gave our character led to very real paths, paths that he continued to follow successfully. Due to our characters eye for detail and fact, he always struggled to believe that these paths were leading somewhere other than a coincidence.

Intrigued by the potential mythological ending of these paths, supported by his curious nature, our character decided to continue researching until something busted the plot. Nothing ever did... Things continued to make sense; he grew closer to the mythology more than ever, as if it was drawing him in, wanting to be revealed. His moments of detachment from reality and emotion became more frequent as he walked further down these paths with little resistance from his facts.

This emotional and mythological journey takes us to a specific time and place, the conclusion of the prologue to all that could come. With a strong belief of where this path could lead and having had a continual growth of resentment of the norm of modern society our character seeks the conclusion that the paths promise. He decides to do all in his power to bring forward what is waiting, albeit constantly sceptical that something of this awe is truly possible... But, there is no evidence to tell him it’s not, his doubts only arise from the social beliefs and normality of the current world.

More about me.

For the past 4 years I've been directing one of Oxford's most trusted video production companies. A business I started from scratch, and is now known throughout Oxford. I am immensely proud to say that at the age of 24 I have produced multiple television commercials through my company.


It's always been my goal to direct film... Before setting up my businesses that was my original intention. However, I knew I didn't have the experience I needed to produce what I wanted at the time.

Having worked in corporate video previously, I noticed a gap in the market. Cinematic video production. Not only could I utilise my creative skills on a small scale, but I could build on my experiences and scale a business as well as my confidence. My business was born.


Over this 4 year period I have been honing my skills as a director and cinematographer, whilst building a brilliant team along the way.


Now I'm ready to take that first, confident, step into directing film...

the team

The team will be made up of local creatives. We frequently work together commercially under the FJ and Oxford House brand. Alongside myself, Nick, Adrian and Jack we will be supporting more local talent through multiple production roles.


We strive to have inclusivity on our sets, we work with those we get along with and those with the talent and passion we require.

We also hope to offer work experience where possible during production.



This is my story and I'm here to tell it how it needs to be told



Nick ensure's productions meet the best possible technical standards 



Adrian will be creating the dreamy, cosmic score for the film



Our actor. The gentleman who will bring our character to life

the costs

Below are the costs likely to be encured by production and beyond... donations and rewards


Light rental & generator - 

Crew + Cast - £100/crew (Nick, Oli, Jack, Adrian, Assistant, Anna, etc) - same price for all

Travel - 25p/mile

Food - tbc

Insurance - tbc



Airbnb location?


Festival run - approx £600

Marketing campaign - online + poster printing, etc - £500

Private screenings


up to £50 -kind person

+ Digital screenplay, storyboard + poster

£50 - £100 -supporter

+ Real Poster

+ Digital copy of film after Festival Run

£100 - £200 -getting credit

+ Thank you credit

£1,000+  - The investor 

+ Executive Producer Credit (no thank you cred)

Business support - location/catering/gear/screenings/etc

- Logo expressing "supported by" in credit and on social media


If you'd like to hear more about investment opportunities, please do get in touch using the form on the side.

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