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To Where We Are Lead.

Format : 15 Mins

Genre: Existential Thriller

Current Stage: Pre-Production


The events of one evening - the culmination of years worth of research, exploration and discovery - come to an inevitable conclusion. An unavoidable cosmic awakening that’s believed to reset the truths behind what it means to live a fulfilled and content life.


What’s the point?


An age old and terrifying question we can’t run from. But, the modern world has allowed us to hide from it.


This film sets out to encourage people to want to think, want to talk, want to investigate…


Commercialisation, derealisation and existentialism are key themes. Themes which lead Finnick (our protagonist) on a journey to confront his beliefs and set out to change the world. This film promotes the need for debate and conversation, forcing open the echo chambers we’ve locked ourselves into, pulling together the ever growing divide we create.


Is Finnick right or wrong in what he’s about to unleash?


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